Fall Beauty Roundup: Here’s what you need in your makeup bag

Smell that in the air? It’s crisp leaves (read: allergy season), pumpkin spice lattes, and all those apple cinnamon Yankee candles you’ve been waiting to bust out of storage. Fall-lovers, rejoice! It is now seasonally appropriate to wear UGGs and dramatically fling a scarf over your shoulder – and it’s also time to take a look into your makeup bag (or makeup closet, no judgement). It’s a great time of year for beauty releases, or to catch up on all the hot products that premiered over the summer months. Take a look at some swoon-worthy products that might have you making room in your stash:

1.     Too Faced Cosmetics’ Born This Way Line

What do we want? Full coverage! Where do we want it? Literally all over our entire faces! Thankfully, Too Faced is here to help us with this ever-elusive goal, and their Born This Way line is peak #nofilter. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is medium- to full-coverage, allowing you to customize your look without feeling cakey or overdone. And thanks to a fierce collab with influencer queen Jackie Aina, Too Faced has released newer, deeper shades as part of the line so that every girl can find her perfect match! Pro tip: use a touch of Too Faced Born This Way Concealer to highlight underneath your eyes to look instantly awake, even on the earliest of mornings.


2.     IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder

Too Faced isn’t the only company getting you photo-ready for the inevitable Instagram shoot in an apple orchard. Especially good for my oily-skinned girls, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder gives you that fresh, matte finish you’ve been craving. If you want silky-looking skin, this is for you – it’s legitimately made with real silk (!!!) and anti-aging, Bye Bye Pores Optical Blurring Technology™ for a pristine, poreless you.


3.     Morphe 9C Jewel Crew Eyeshadow Palette

You know you want to give in to the rich neutrals and unmistakably autumnal shades of the Morphe 9C Jewel Crew Eyeshadow Palette – and it’s only $12 for 9 distinct shades of shadow, so why wouldn’t you? The shadows are texturally soft but highly pigmented, and they’re super blendable (the trademark of any self-respecting eyeshadow). I love being able to cover easy daytime and dramatic nighttime looks with a single palette, and the Jewel Crew palette definitely gives me plenty of options for both!


4.     Feminine Cosmetics

Okay, fall is definitely a magical time of year, but it’s also time for you to switch over your skincare from your summer stand-by routine to something like the all-natural offerings of Feminine Cosmetics. Fall brings cooler temperatures and, usually, heightened winds, which means you need to moisturize every inch of you in preparation for winter (yes, I said the “w” word already). First, safely scrub away all that dry skin with Feminine Cosmetics Colombian Arabica Exfoliating Coffee Scrub, which has bonus anti-aging and cellulite-banishing properties. Coarse coffee grounds can be too rough on chapped lips, so for a gentle but effective lip scrub, try Feminine Cosmetics White Sugar Lip Scrub; with its irresistible key lime scent, summer doesn’t feel so far gone. Now, after you exfoliate, it’s doubly important to pack on the moisture. Take your pick between two of Feminine Cosmetic’s finest: their Whipped Vitamin Butter, which is packed with super food extracts to stimulate collagen production and calm skin tone, or the Moroccan Aloe Butter, perfect for any leftover sunburn or skin irritations. No matter what, Feminine Cosmetics has got you covered – in H2T (head-to-toe, @Tyra Banks) radiant skin! The best part? Use code “Themusebabe20” for 20% off your September stock-up!

 5.     Lime Crime Plushies

I’ve recently become obsessed with the lightweight, long-lasting Lime Crime Plushies. They won’t budge no matter how many PSLs you chug throughout the day, and earthy shades like Butterscotch are perfect for transitioning into that classic fall color scheme without wondering if you have lipstick on your teeth every five seconds. Coffee-proof, smooch-proof, and they don’t dry your lips out even a little – uhhhhmm, YES PLEASE.

 6.     MILK KUSH High Volume Mascara

This mascara made waves when it first appeared early summer 2018 because it’s formulated with cannabis oil – but it’s not just a gimmick! It really does help nourish lashes, and MILK’s heart-shaped fibers build long, full lashes with only one or two coats. MILK KUSH High Volume Mascara is a new must-have for creamy, blackout volume with an extra ounce of badassery.

There are plenty of exciting releases coming out every day – I’ve got my eye on you, Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette – so slap on that American Apparel fisherman beanie and head to your nearest beauty retailer (or the internet), because these shiny and new products are sure to become your next stand-by staples in no time.

What products are you loving on this fall?